Toyoshima SDGs Declaration

Becoming a company that provides sustainable lifestyle
trough new empathy

We continue to provide a lifestyle that is friendly to people and the earth,  
based on "Sincerity and Trust" and "Stableness and Aggressiveness"since its founding in the Tenpo era
and will create a society that can sympathize with sustainable values.

TOYOSHIMA's consept of SDGs


Co-creating a sustainable production system 
and sustainable consumer society

By providing a platform based on ICT, we will contribute to the realization of a consumer society where people can sympathize with each other's values..


Setting priority goals that contribute to the SDGs
that only TOYOSHIMA can do

As a key goal to contribute to the SDGs, we willcontinue to create the five values of : (1) Developing human resources for the future;(2) Creating a sustainable system, (3) Creating innovative businesses,(4) Creating materials that are friendly to the earth, (5) Creating people-friendly communities.


TOYOSHIMA 's DNA inherited for nearly 180 years

The foundation of TOYOSHIMA 's human development lies in the attitude of "Sincere and not lying" "Serious and hardworking""Fulfill your responsibilities"toward various people with whom we interact. We will create the society of the future with the power of the born “unique group that is strong against adversityborn from such "TOYOSHIMA 's DNA" x "Each person's personality".​ ​