Products (Apparel)


Based on the plans of apparel manufacturers, TOYOSHIMA make products at the most suitable sewing factory and deliver them to apparel manufacturers "apparel sellers (OEM)". without going through apparel manufacturers, we proposes designs  such as "Retail Store Sales (ODM)" .we pursue product manufacturing that matches consumer needs from all aspects by utilizing our comprehensive capabilities that can comprehensively manage a series of processes, from planning to production management, inspection after completion, import procedures, and delivery. We propose high value-added products based on our unique product knowledge of TOYOSHIMA that handles everything from materials to products, communication skills that can grasp customer requests, and planning skills, and we are expanding our efforts with industries in different industries that transcend industries. In the ever-changing fashion market, we aim to handle not only clothing products but all products related to lifestyle, keeping in mind to take anticipatory movements in line with changes in the market and customers.

Areas of practice

  • Men's Casual Wear
  • Women's Casual Wear
  • キッズ・ベビー
  • Sport
  • Working
  • Uniform
  • Lab coat
  • インナーウェア
  • フェムケア用品
  • Dress



A femtech/femcare brand launched by a female employee of TOYOSHIMA.
Based on the concept of "what we want now," we coordinate everything from planning to material development, manufacturing site selection, design, and packaging. We develop a variety of items that are close to all scenes in women's daily lives, such as innerwear such as sanitary shorts, body coolness, and changes in body shape.

FOOD textile(フードテキスタイル)

Reborn the "color" of food..
"FOOD TEXTILE (food textile)" is  a sustainable project brand consisting of three companies:TOYOSHIMA and  a food-related company that provides colored raw materials, and a collaborative company that develops products with the fabric. We extract ingredients from non-standard ingredients that have been discarded in the past, and dye them into new items by dyeing fabrics and threads. We will transcend industry boundaries and work with various business partners to address the problem of food loss.