Toyoshima & Co.,Ltd

"Expertise x Integrated Power = TOYOSHIMA"

As a textile industry expert,
we meet your demands from raw materials to garments.

Expertise x Integrated Power = TOYOSHIMA

Our advantage as a textile trading company is that we have the best and most professional information and networks that an ordinary trading company does not have.
Also Toyoshima is a very unique textile company because we have business in all the fields,
from raw cotton to final garments.
We create new values which other companies cannot, and proposition of new values is very important to us.

"reliable quality and result"

"Toyoshima business is credit and trust first" at all times,
we have cultivated our trust and results since our founding.

Building Trust for more than a century and a half

Building Trust for more than a century and a half

In 1880, our founder and the first president Hanshichi, ventured firmly to pay for the lost merchandise from a ship fire. It spread the name "Trust of Toyoshima" to the world, which remains in each one of our employees hearts.

The accumulations of sincere business dealings cultivated in the history and tradition is the source of vitality of Toyoshima, and it supports Toyoshima as a leading textile company today.

Production management to assure safety

Production management to assure safety

Production support from overseas cooperating factories has become more important in the textile trading company business.

In order to ensure stable quality in our products, Toyoshima is working at a company level with our own Quality Control Department and Production and Distribution Department. We meet our customers’ expectations by strict management system including technical guidance to our factories and regular inspection by our local staff.

"Production and supply on a global basis"

Globally and fast,
viewpoints always on all over the world.

Global operations

It was 1800s when we imported British cotton yarn for the first time and began trading with foreign countries. Since then, we have expanded our overseas network in all of the areas in textile business, from raw materials to final garment products. Based on our oversea offices, in Europe, the United States, China and other Asian countries,we are dynamically connecting global demand and supply from import & export to trilateral trading.

Stable supply of products

Stable supply of products

For example, quality and prices of natural materials such as raw cotton and wools are easily influenced by weather conditions. Development of functional materials and products that unfolds around the world. A life style with a constantly changing fashion trends.

In order to consistently deliver stable quality and price products, Toyoshima captures the world's imformation from a broad perspective, with solid analysis and proposal power, to meet the trust of domestic and global customers.

Expansion of production network

Expansion of production network

The market of textile industry is changing at a global level. In this period of time,we have the demand of production support system which utilizes the Toyoshima's oversea networks.

We make full use of the advantage of scale and the information power as a trading company, we strive for the selection and expansion of the optimum factories for competitive price for each items in various parts of China and Southeast Asia.