Status of efforts to achieve carbon neutrality

Toyoshima & Co.,Ltd. (President: Hanshichi Toyoshima, Naka-ku, Nagoya) has switched to CO2-free electricity and By offsetting emissions by purchasing various credits, we have achieved net zero CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2 (*1)) from our business activities.

In order to realize a decarbonized society in Society 5.0, we are working on carbon neutrality to reduce CO2 emissions from our business activities to virtually zero.
In the previous fiscal year, we reduced CO2 emissions by 150 tons, equivalent to about 20% of the full year, by switching the real estate we use to CO2-free electricity (*2) during the period, and we purchased various credits for the 895 tons of emissions. offset by As a result, we have achieved net zero CO2 emissions in Scope 1 and 2.
In the current fiscal year, in addition to the effect of reducing emissions by replacing the electric air conditioners at the head office, we plan to significantly reduce emissions centered on CO2-free electricity.
Going forward, we will continue to work toward achieving carbon neutrality while reducing emissions, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.

(*1) Scope 1: Direct emissions of greenhouse gases by business operators (fuel combustion, industrial processes)
Scope 2: Indirect emissions associated with the use of electricity, heat and steam supplied by other companies
(*2) Utilizing the environmental value of renewable energy sources that do not emit CO2 during power generation,
Electricity rate option plan that allows you to use electricity from virtually 100% renewable energy


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