Efforts in logistics (joint delivery) to promote SDGs

As part of their logistics reforms, Toyoshima & Co., Ltd., Stylem Takisada Osaka Co., Ltd. and Tamurakoma Co., Ltd. have announced that some products delivered from ports (Tokyo Port) to the Kanto area will be delivered through joint delivery between trading companies. We have decided to start.

There are many issues in logistics, such as driver shortages, logistics problems in 2024, and CO2 emission reductions. Until now, products were delivered at ports through their own routes after customs clearance, but there are many common destinations for delivery from ports. "Joint delivery" that can be realized through cooperation that transcends the boundaries of each company will lead to the resolution of the following problems.

(1) Alleviate traffic congestion and solve driver shortages by reducing the number of trucks used
(2) Reduction of burden on receiving warehouses by reducing the number of deliveries
(3) Reduction of CO2 emissions

Going forward, each company will promote "joint delivery" to work on the "White Logistics Promotion Campaign" and "Consideration for the global environment linked to the SDGs."

■Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1841. In our history of more than 180 years, we have expanded our business domain in response to the changing times. Currently, we are engaged in a series of processes from purchasing and selling raw materials, yarns, and fabrics from all over the world, and planning of final products to production management and delivery, and are developing comprehensive business in all processes of the fashion industry. In addition, as a sustainable lifestyle company, we are developing and providing various sustainable materials, investing in tech ventures, and promoting the development of smart wear. Since 2019, we have adopted "MY WILL" as our statement to express our commitment to sustainability & technology.

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