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"FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS", a functional material that improves the quality of life, becomes a new category of TOYOSHIMA statement "MY WILL"

Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Hanshichi Toyoshima, Nagoya City Naka-ku The statement "MY WILL" released in 2019 expresses our stance of proposing sustainable lifestyles and futures to consumers through the promotion of "sustainable material development" that takes into account the impact on the global environment and the use of "technology" to create a better society by developing smart clothing and digital technology.

Until now, under the statement "MY WILL~SUSTAINABLE & TECHNOLOGY~", it has been TRUECOTTON as a "SUSTAINABLE" category FOOD TEXTILE , WAMEGURI, ORGABITS, etc., we have been working on the provision of sustainable materials and projects, the provision of smart wear products and services utilizing 3DCG as the "TECHNOLOGY" category, and the operation of sustainable DtoC sites. With the addition of "FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS" as the third new category of "MY WILL," we will strengthen the development of functional materials that make everyone's lives more comfortable for the future of Society 5.0.

The materials proposed in the "FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS" category are our original processing "Repur", which adds functions such as antibacterial and deodorizing to fibers, and "Repur", which brings stretchability and suppleness to clothes according to the movement of the body HyperHelix™ (Hyperhelix)", our unique heat storage functional material "SELFLAME", which maintains warmth by blending extremely small ceramic powder in fiber raw materials and emitting far-infrared rays and reflecting them, and "OPTIMA COOL", a functional yarn with a cool contact feeling. In addition to this, the lineup will be gradually increased, and from July 12th Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. Tokyo Head OfficeWe plan to present it at a general exhibition scheduled to be held at .

TOYOSHIMA will continue to leverage its knowledge and network in the fashion industry for more than 180 years to develop materials, promote projects, and provide products together with our business partners to make consumers' lifestyles more sustainable and comfortable.

■Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. 
Founded in 1841. In our history of more than 180 years, we have expanded our business domain in response to the changing times. Currently, we are engaged in a series of processes from purchasing and selling raw materials, yarns, and fabrics from all over the world, and planning of final products to production management and delivery, and are developing comprehensive business in all processes of the fashion industry. In addition, as a company that proposes sustainable lifestyles, we develop and provide various sustainable and functional materials, invest in tech ventures, and promote the development of smart wear. Since 2019, we have adopted the "MY WILL" statement to express our commitment to sustainability, technology and materials.

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