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ASICS Decides to Use "FOOD TEXTILE"! Released "GEL-LYTEIII.OG" and "GEL-LYTE V" with gentle colors unique to nature

Press ReleaseProductCollaboration
Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. aims to propose comfortable lifestyles (President & CEO: Hanshichi Toyoshima, Nagoya City Naka-kuA project brand that reuses food to be discarded as dyes "FOOD TEXTILE(Food Textile)" has been adopted for "GEL-LYTEIII.OG" and "GEL-LYTE V" sold by ASICS, a world-class sports manufacturer. Shoes made from fabric dyed in colors extracted from rooibos, persimmon, matcha, and lettuce, which are scheduled to be discarded, will be on sale from April 27 (Thursday) at ASICS Online Store, ASICS Harajuku Flagship, KICKSLAB, etc.

"FOOD TEXTILE" is a sustainable project brand consisting of three companies:TOYOSHIMAI and a food-related company that provides colored raw materials, and a collaborative company that develops products with the fabric. We purchase non-standard ingredients, cut vegetable scraps, coffee dumplings, etc. that have been discarded in the past from food-related companies and farms, extract the ingredients contained in the ingredients, and dye them into new items by dyeing them into fabrics and threads.

ASICS has been introducing cellulose nanofiber, a fiber made from wood resources, which is attracting attention as a next-generation high-performance material, into running shoes since 2018, and with the aim of reducing the use of a large amount of water and wastewater generated in the dyeing process, we have adopted "Solution Die", a dyeing technology that colors the raw material itself in advance when manufacturing shoe fabric. We develop products for a sustainable future of our planet.

This collaboration is due to ASICS' sympathy for FOOD TEXTILE's efforts to approach the problem of food loss and waste beyond industry boundaries, and because it cannot be produced with chemical dyes. It was realized because they were interested in the gentle colors that can only be produced because they are derived from nature.

The raw materials for the color of this product are rooibos, persimmon, matcha, and lettuce purchased from the farm that will be discarded. By combining two colors, the color of rooibos × persimmon is developed for "GEL-LYTE III. OG" and matcha × lettuce color is developed for "GEL-LYTE V". Japan For domestic use, it will be available on the ASICS online store, ASICS Harajuku flagship, KICKSLAB, etc. from April 27 (Thursday). In addition to Japan, we plan to sell matcha in China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, the United States, Australia, East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, and matcha will provide an opportunity for overseas people to know the color of food unique to Japan.

Going forward, "FOOD TEXTILE" will continue to propose the value of reinventing things that are simply discarded and allowing people to enjoy clothing, food, and living scenes in a fashionable way.

■Product Information
Release Date: Thursday, April 27
Sales locations: ASICS Online Store, ASICS Osaka Links Umeda, ASICS Harajuku Flagship

Part Number: 1201A786.600
Size: 23.5cm~29.0cm (in 0.5cm increments), 30.0cm
Material: Upper material Natural fiber, sole material Rubber sole

Item No.: 1201A821.300
Size: 23.5cm~29.0cm (in 0.5cm increments), 30.0cm
Material: Upper material Natural fiber, synthetic fiber, sole material Rubber sole

In 1949, the founder, Kihachiro Onizuka, established Onizuka Co., Ltd. (now ASICS) with the hope of fostering healthy youth through sports. Japan comprehensive sporting goods manufacturer. With the vision of "creating high-quality lifestyles through intellectual technology cultivated through sports," we provide products and services that enable people around the world to live healthy and happy lives.


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