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Toyoshima SDGs Declaration


Becoming a sustainable lifestyle provider
by embracing new shared value

Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. continuously provides lifestyles that are friendly to people and the earth and strive to realize a sustainable society with shared value. This is based on our tradition of "sincerity and trust" and "solidity and proactiveness" since its foundation during the tenpo era.

Toyoshima's vision for the achievement of the SDGs

Co-create society with consumers where we understand sustainable values.

As a "lifestyle trading company", we create healthy, eco-friendly and rich-in-spirit lifestyles in which these values are shared by everyone.

Co-create production systems with suppliers that are sustainable for the earth and society.

We will establish a platform based on ICT by integrating traditions and technology to build a sustainable value chain, while meeting the expectations of society.

Toyoshima's Approach to SDGs

Toyoshima has the power of human resources nurtured by our DNA that has been passed down for nearly 180 years.
To realize a sustainable society, we will utilize the power of human resources with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, and steadily change things that need to be changed one by one. That is the idea behind Toyoshima's SDGs.

Toyoshima SDGs Declaration
Toyoshima's Vision

Creating a sustainable consumer society and a sustainable production system

By providing ICT-based platforms, we will contribute to realize a consumer society with understanding of sustainability.

Toyoshima’s Mission

Setting priority targets to be uniquely achieved by Toyoshima to contribute to SDGs

We will continue to create the following five values: 1.Developing human resources for the future 2.Creating a sustainable system 3.Creating innovative businesses 4.Creating materials that are friendly to the earth 5.Creating people-friendly communities

Founding Philosophy and Company Creed

Toyoshima DNA inherited for nearly 180 years

The foundation of Toyoshima's human resource development is "sincerity and no lies", "serious and diligent", and "fulfilling our responsibilities". This is our stance before all the people with whom we engage.
In this way, building on the "group of individuals that are strong against adversity" combined by “Toyoshima DNA” and "personality of each individual", we will help create the future of society.

Toyoshima & Co.,Ltd

Toyoshima's Five Missions (Creating Five Values)

Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. has identified five SDGs material issues (key issues for realizing a sustainable society) and formulated a concept that will serve as the basis for resolving these issues.

Developing human resources for the future
Creating a sustainable system
Creating innovative businesses
Creating materials that are friendly to the earth
Creating people-friendly communities
  • Fostering a group of sincere and creative personalities
  • Efforts toward diversity management
  • Support for the creation of next-generation businesses by young employees
  • Promoting the spread of organic cotton
  • Efforts toward resource circulation
  • Initiatives for Resource Recycling
  • Establishing supply chains that will not produce the waste for communities
  • Expanding business into lifestyle fields
  • Creating new businesses through collaboration with venture companies
  • Creating new value through ICT
  • Production ensuring traceability
  • Protecting water resources
  • Creating sustainable systems for raw material producing regions
  • Conservation activities in marine and forest environments
  • Support activities for the recovery of stricken regions
  • Support for community-based and collaborative initiatives

First, Toyoshima's SDGs is based on "building human resources" that has been our commitment since our foundation.
On this basis, we will engage in manufacturing that contributes to the future of society and carry out various activities for the sustainability of the earth and the local communities.
Furthermore, we will promote the development of an ICT infrastructure that connects supply chains and connects people, goods and resources. In this way, we will contribute to realize a consumer society that understands and values sustainability.