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A "bit" of good for the Earth

"Orgabits" is a project that Toyoshima & Co., Ltd., a textile specialized trading company, is promoting to integrate social contributions and business activities through the idea of organic cotton. We started this project hoping that we could contribute to the global environment bit by bit.


"Orgabits" started from our thoughts of contributing to the global environment bit by bit. Our first "bit" was to expand the area of organic farms and spread organic cotton to prevent environmental pollution.

Our goal is to raise the percentage of organic cotton from just 1% to 10% of global cotton production. "Orgabits" activities invited sympathy and brought people together. Thus, the circle of Orgabits has expanded. Then we thought again asking ourselves, "What are the things that are good for the Earth?"

We think :
Fruitful global environment will bring bright smiles for the future. "Orgabits" goes beyond the idea of the material brand. The Orgabits project gives shape to "good" from various perspectives.

Let’s think together about a bit of "good" for the Earth with "Orgabits".

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A textile brand focusing on the colors of food

FOOD TEXTILE is a textile brand that focuses on the colors of food and is a project in the fashion industry to reuse food waste. By using food waste that was merely waiting to be thrown away, FOOD TEXTILE will enable us to enjoy our lives fashionably, especially with food, as well as with clothing and housing.

FOOD TEXTILE(フードテキスタイル)

FOOD TEXTILE is a project that three collaborators are participating in: Toyoshima Co., Ltd., a group of food companies that supply the raw materials for the colors and partner companies that develop products from the cloth.
We aim to create a system that is sustainable on a long-term basis by constructing a process that allows each of our collaborators to take part in business projects that redefine the boundaries of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

The residue leftover from the process of making vegetables and foodstuffs in food companies, restaurants and farms....
The source of FOOD TEXTILE coloring is from this food residue that was waiting to be thrown away.
We suggest a new way to solve the food waste problem.

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