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Social Service Activities

Toyoshima Welfare Fund

Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. established Toyoshima Welfare Fund in 1973.
Every year Toyoshima Welfare Fund supports various organizations such as "Aichi Crime Support Center" and the "Association for Sending Picture Books to Lao Children".

15-15, Nishiki 2-chome, Nakaku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-8671
Toyoshima & Co., Ltd., Nagoya Head Office
December 20, 1973
Basic Fund
50 million yen
Hanshichi Toyoshima
1. Aged people's welfare
2. Welfare and support for orphans
3. Welfare and relief for the mentally and physically handicapped
4. Support for crime victims
5. Public facility cleanup
6. Other activities required to achieve the purpose of our corporation
Donation Classification
Aichi Prefecture, Ichinomiya City, Chubu Zen'i Bank,
Aichi Victim Support Center, and so on.
Ichinomiya Honmachi Shopping Arcade Cleanup

Ichinomiya Honmachi Shopping Arcade Cleanup

Each year, starting in 2010, we clean up Ichinomiya Honmachi Shopping Arcade/Streets where the Ichinomiya Star Festival is held.
Under the traditional Fukinagashi decorations fluttering in the shopping streets, we do cleanup with residents.

Santa Claus is coming!

Santa Claus is coming!

We carried out social service activities with Social Welfare Corporation, Chubu Zen'i Bank. Each year Toyoshima employees dress up as Santa Claus and visit day-care centers for disabled or orphanage.

Toyoshima Calendar Toyoshima Calendar

Toyoshima Calendar

The finished Toyoshima Calendar is delivered to a day-care center where workers carefully package the calendars one by one. We are offering this job.
Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. is supporting "L" Circle's activities through calendar making in a day-care center.