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Strive to improve in every aspect including product proposal,
quality control and distribution system

Strive to improve in every aspect including product proposal,quality control and distribution system

The fashion market is ever so quickly changing. As a company specializing in apparels, we at Toyoshima are making every effort to meet our products to consumers' demand by putting to use our ability to manage a series of processes from quality design, production management to delivery.

We put our efforts into projects and proposals involving design, color, and feel of our products. Toyoshima strives to provide a wide variety with small lots and prompt delivery, meeting the requests of our customers.

Enhancement of the quality control system
and development of global business

Enhancement of the quality control system and development of global business

With the set up of two joint venture inspection factories in China in 2006, the company has strengthened the quality control system. By focusing on sales in China and exporting products to the U.S. and Europe market, we solidify the foundation to expand our business into global market.

Our aim is to continue making products that respond the needs of our consumers and to create a system where we can consistently supply reliable products to our customers. We will continue to improve our ability in various areas such as product proposal, quality control, and distribution system.

Proposal for high value-added products,
Development of new products and brands

Proposal for high value-added products,Development of new products and brands

Dealing with everything from raw materials to final garments, the proposal of high value-added products based on the knowledge of Toyoshima's thorough textile business extends not only to apparel products but also to products of different industry and market.

In addition to the development of various apparel brands, we are also actively involved in business the opens up new value, such as social contribution project "Orgabits" and the "Yarns Lounge" which introduces wool from all over the world.

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